20 Christmas Stories by Lily Lexington

A magic feather that takes a set of twins on an adventure to save Christmas, A child who can’t sleep on Christmas Eve, Five special Christmas wishes, and A mouse who saves Christmas on the farm. What do these all have in common?


The Story Collector

An adventure is what Viviana is desperate for, just like the ones she reads in the books all around her.

The House with a Clock in Its Walls

Lewis Barnavelt comes to live with his uncle after the death of his parents. His uncle lives in a delightfully spooky mansion complete with magic and mysteries, the chief of which being the sound of a clock that can be heard ticking in the walls of any room of the house.

Picture Books by Regina Puckett

Regina Puckett is an award-winning author with books spanning many genres. Her books for kids are delightfully illustrated and often carry the themes of anti-bullying friendship, and tolerance for differences. Below, in no particular order, are ten of her children’s books, all of which are destined to be a favorite of your Pre-K to early sight reader.

P.I. Penguin and The Case of The Missing Bottle

P.I. Penguin has an ongoing investigation into the disappearance of his parents. While that seems to be the lynchpin of the series, he does take on other cases along the way. In The Case of The Missing Bottle, he helps his friend Bella find a bottle that has turned up missing from her collection.

A sprinkle of this, a pinch of that, and poof! It’s reading — magic!

Catch this lovely post via noracolvin.com about the ways parents can encourage their little ones to grow up to be readers.

Norah Colvin

ArtbyJonz ©Norah Colvin 2015

My children were early readers. Both began reading real books well before their fourth birthdays. Of course, the timing, whether early or late, matters little now that they are adults. What matters is that they are readers who read competently and confidently for a range of purposes including for information and pleasure. They are readers by choice as well as purpose.

The ability to read is something that most of us take for granted. Many have no recollection of learning to read, only of being able to do so all of a sudden, as if we just could, by magic.

But, as with any spell, there are certain essential ingredients that make the magic happen and others that inhibit the process. Creating readers of choice and not just purpose is the real magic. Creating non-readers is the effect of a spell in reverse, of a bad…

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My Beautiful Birds by Suzanne Del Rizzo

Young Sammi and his family are forced to flee their home in order to avoid falling bombs. While seeing the destruction going on around him he is concerned for the pet birds that had to be left behind. His story continues when his family reaches the refugee camp where they will be living.

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