#CelebrateSpace – A Kite For Moon

On an early morning, the moon is shining in the sky feeling a bit lonely and sorry for herself.


Umbrella Summer

When Jared Richards died of an undiagnosed heart condition it shattered his younger sister Annie’s world.

Davy’s Summer Vacation By Brigitte Weninger

Davy’s friend has just returned from a family vacation at the beach and she had a wonderful time. Davy is inspired to have such a vacation and convinces his family to give a try. Unfortunately, the beach is far away and their one tiny wagon isn’t up to the task of carting all their gear. A dream beach vacation seems like a lost cause

Thursday 3: Patience and Fortitude

I have been lucky enough to live in cities with wonderful libraries. Still, on my bucket list is to visit some of the truly iconic libraries across the country. At the top of my list, The New York Public Library with its rich culture and history. This week we have three picture books about the lions, faithful guardians of the NYPL, Patience and Fortitude

Dog vs Ultradog By Troy Wilson

A boy and his dog, can it get any better than that? Tuffy is Tim’s dog and they are inseparable. At least they are until Tim discovers Ultra Dog. How can Tuffy compete with a television show, action figures, and a theme park?

Stay Ahead Of Summer Learning Loss

“Kids will love diving deep into clues about the ocean as they try to solve this crossword puzzle. Crossword puzzles are great for reinforcing spelling, word recognition, vocabulary and mastering context clues. Ride the wave to Education.com for an ocean full of language arts activities.”

How to Give Your Cat a Bath : In Five Easy Steps

Humor drives the story along with its deceptively simple illustrations and delightful interactions between the protagonist and her feline. I dare parents not to laugh out loud while trying to read this to their little ones.

Esther The Easter Donkey by Nora Ballew

When Esther the donkey comes to live on Potter’s farm, the other animals don’t know what to make of the funny looking donkey with the cross on her back. But before long, they all learn that Esther has an amazing story to share, the true story of Easter!

Sweety by Andrea Zuill

It is harder than ever for kids who are just a little bit different to find the courage to raise their voices. Sweety takes on the topic full bore will a little heroine that will leave readers smiling.