I’m Not Cute, I’m Dangerous by Bruna De Luca

I’m Not Cute, I’m Dangerous
 Bruna De Luca (Author)  Benedetta Capriotti (Illustrator)
Preschool/ Picture Book / Social Stories
ages 4-9
32 Pages

Never judge a book by its cover. That saying can extend to people, or in this case crocodiles. When Fifi is born it is obvious that she is different from her fierce looking sisters. For starters, she is fluffy. Who ever heard of fluffy crocodiles? Poor Fifi constantly has to tell her badgering sisters that “I’m Not Cute, I’m Dangerous.” 

When everything she does to prove to the world of her inherent danger only makes her more adorable, Fifi must learn to embrace her given strengths and become comfortable in her own skin. This is a wonderful lesson for kids of all ages, who I am afraid will also think the young croc to be dangerously cute. Truthfully, thanks to some spectacular artwork, all of the animals in this book are vibrantly endearing and will be enjoyed by young readers. 

As a social story this is a great book to share to show how everyone has something special about them or when dealing with issues of low self esteem, or showing how much even good natured bullying can hurt.

Fifi was born furry and incredibly cute―not the best characteristics for a crocodile. Teased by her sisters, Fifi goes in search of a solution!

Purcgase Links: https://amzn.to/3wvdU1a

Bruna De Luca is a former teacher and counselor with a lifelong love of literature. Bruna’s passions have found their home in writing for children, where she hopes they will live happily ever after.

Benedetta Capriotti was born in Italy. Since she was a child, she has had a great passion for drawing and art. She attended a professional School of Fashion and Technical Drawing.

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