DC Super Heroes Series


One would think with the popularity of comic book superheroes with the elementary and preschool crowds that comics books would be the perfect go-to for young readers. Sadly with adult themes and grown-up art that is almost always not a good idea. That is one of the reasons I enjoyed DC Super Hero storybook collection. Geared toward lower grades it allows younger kids to use their imaginations to jump into the adventure with their favorite superhero. Written by a children’s book author and illustrated by comic book artists, the concept is brilliant. The dual storytelling of a kid facing his day and the comic panels of superhero defending justice is a wonderful way to relate to kids and their imaginations. The ‘Be A Star’ checklist is also a great reinforcement for the subtle life lessons contained in the story. Available in both board books and picture books, this series is perfect for kids 3-8.

Good Morning, Superman!Good Morning Superman
Written by Michael Dahl
Illustrated by Omar Lozano

The Man of Steel starts our day with his young friend getting ready for school. Our youngster puts on his costume, embarks on a mission and faces his greatest fear (Kryptonite colored toothpaste). Along the way, just like his hero, the young man calls on his friends for help and sets off on his way.


Be a Star, Wonder Woman!Be A Star Wonder Woman
Written by Michael Dahl
Illustrated by Omar Lozano

Our young lady is off to school and much like her hero Wonder Woman, she will face many challenges. She will keep the peace and face her greatest fears, but the with the help of friends she can find her courage and win the day.


Bedtime for BatmanBedtime For Batman
Written by Michael Dahl
Illustrated by Omar Ethen Beavers

Our young hero readies himself for bed. A bath, his jammies, and clean room are fantastically compared to The Dark Knight cleansing the streets of Gotham. He takes care of those who depend on him and with a little help from his friends keeps bedtime safe for all.

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