Do You See the Giant?

Do You See the Giant?: A Children’s Picture Book 
by  Srividhya Lakshmanan (Author) Akansha Krishnan (Illustrator)
Preschool/ Picture Book
ages 0-7
35 Pages

Is there anything more adorable than watching a toddler or even a preschool-age child become aware of the differences in their world? Size is a fun one because from a small child’s perspective everything and everyone is a giant compared to them and yet they are bigger than their favorite teddy bear.

‘Do You See The Giant’ has fun with the concept of size, showing that everyone can be smaller than someone else or how anyone can be a giant in relation to one another.

It is a sweet picture book with basic illustrations and text. Creatures from an ant to a dinosaur grace the pages. The animals are quirkily drawn with simple colors in a way that toddlers and pre-readers will be immediately engaged.

Included too, as illustration rather than text, are each animal’s favorite snack. There are plenty of opportunities for caregivers to be interactive with this picture book and their little ones.

I do recommend the print version of this book since the e-book format splits the full-page illustrations.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A colorful picture book that can teach your toddler to compare sizes, and learn 13 animal names and their favorite foods. -Do You See the Giant? by  Srividhya Lakshmanan

Which giant are you TODAY? An ant, a frog, an elephant, how about a dinosaur?

A colorful picture book that can teach your toddler to compare sizes through animals. And, learn thirteen animal names and their favorite foods. 
What’s included in this book:
1) FUN and EYE-POPPING illustrations.
2) LARGE BOOK for an easy flip through. 
3) BIGGER Fonts.
4) LIMITED text keeping in mind toddlers attention span.
The book can help subtly communicate that no one is big or small, and everyone has got a unique place in our world.
GRAB it NOW and watch your little munchkin’s eyes pop and jump with those adorable animals.
Suitable from age 1+ onwards. Available in e-book and paperback formats.

Srividhya always had a passion for storytelling and started to write when she was eleven. Her early success came when one of her dramas got selected by the ‘All India Radio’. She spent years reading and writing stories, giving her characters a bright sparkle. She has self published short stories and picture book in English and Tamil. 
Visit her website:

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