Have You Seen My Christmas Angel? Plus an Easy Christmas Craft

Have You Seen My Christmas Angel?: A Hannah Book About Holidays After a Loss
by  Alison Fernandez McLean (Author), Analiny Mogno (Illustrator)
Children’s / Picture Book
ages 3-6
19 Pages


The loss of a loved one is difficult for anyone to deal with. For a child, it can be even harder. In “Have You Seen My Christmas Angel?”, Hannah has lost her grandmother and her favorite Christmas tradition, the Christmas angel for the tree. Christmas won’t be the same. She asks around to her friends, they haven’t seen the angel, more importantly, they understand her loss

This book made me cry. I could say that it is 2020 rearing its ugly head, but it really is a sweet story about different kinds of loss and the change that comes with it. I am an adult, so I know that Hannah is going to be fine, but the little girl inside me, totally felt for her. Her friends share their own stories, they are terrific for helping kids to work through their feelings with the refrain of, “I am sorry that this happened to you and I am glad that you can be happy again, but I still feel pain.” It both validates Hannah’s very real, very big feelings and shows her that it will get better someday.

Both the author and illustrator have done a beautiful job of creating a holiday story that is sensitive to the subject matter.

First holidays after losing someone or something you love can be difficult. Have You Seen My Christmas Angel? is a heartwarming and uplifting story.

Two things happened today. First I reviewed the above book and had the realization that many kids will be dealing with the loss of a loved one this holiday season. Second, I bought the wrong box of masks from amazon. Returns to amazon are a pain in the tookus, but honestly, I have no use for 50 child size masks, even if they are adorable. Then I remembered a facebook post recently from a friend who had turned masks into angels and the idea for this craft sort of clicked. I thought putting an angel on the tree would be a nice way for kids to acknowledge the lost and missing loved ones at Christmas this year.

Crafting angels is easy, and inexpensive. The box I bought, was only $5 and we have glue and glitter on hand. There is no wrong way to face the masks, colored side up or white side up, it works in any combination (and will make great ghosts with a bit of tweaking come next Halloween). They should be easy to decorate as well. It is the perfect quick holiday craft. Little ones may need help to tie off the loops. If you need more help, you tube is filled with tutorial videos.

I hope that you all have the best possible holidays this year. We all deserve it.

“Christmas angel on the tree
Bring us peace and harmony
Help us fill this time of year
With merriness and Chrismas cheer”

Start with two paper masks

Then you are going to accordian fold each of them

The first one will be folded in half, and held in that position by the metal piece in the mask. Be sure to fold it evenly. Then vertically place the second folded mask into the bend of the first, with the loop to the behind.

Once the two masks are seated use the loop of the long mask and rubberband it around the bend unti both are firmly held in place.

On the wings remove the bottom seal of the loops then spread the wings. When they are the way you like tie off the open ends of the loops together.

Finally remove the loop from the bottom of the long mask

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