Where Do Dinosaurs Go on Vacation?

Where Do Dinosaurs Go on Vacation? by Kim Ann
Illustration by Nejla Shojaie 
Ages 3-8 / Grades K-2
18 Pages

With summer in full swing, vacation is on everyone’s mind. The current situation aside, there are just so many choices. Road trip? Beach? Mountains? Camping? Plane or train? Staycation? In this latest installment of the “Go On Vacation” series, adorably fun, kid size dinosaurs of all kinds have the same choices and they make the best of them.

Plan for plenty of extra time when reading this book to young ones. They will enjoy the rhyming text so much they may want to read it again and again. The eye-catching art will definitely have them searching the full page illustrations for the colorful dinos and their friends reveling in fun activities and tucked away in the most interesting places.

This is marketed for ages 3-8 and I can’t disagree, however I do think this will appeal more to lower ages in that range. It is certainly a great book to pique the interest of beginning and sight readers.

This book, in fact the whole series, is loads of fun. Looking over my post list, I see this author/illustrator team showing up again few times. I am looking forward to it.

About The Book:
Where Do Dinosaurs Go on Vacation?

These friendly dinosaurs are dreaming of where they can go to get away. And when their dino friends arrive, they begin thinking about all the fun things they want to try. But with the whole world at their feet, where will they go and what will they do?

Will they romp, frolic, or stomp their feet; or maybe they will travel to a faraway place? Everyone knows dinosaurs can be hard to spot, but maybe if we are really lucky, we can see one at play!

Can you guess where all the foot stomping dinosaurs might go?

Where Do Dinosaurs Go On Vacation is a delightful romp sure to delight any child. If you or your child like guessing games, rhyming adventures, and vividly illustrated scenes, then you’ll love Kim Ann’s hilarious dinosaur caper.

About The Author:
Kim Ann

Kim Ann is an award-winning and bestselling children’s book author.
She lives in Southern California with her husband, their two children, and their dogs.

For several years, Kim Ann worked as a freelance writer and published
many feel-good articles about families, but she always dreamed of writing
the fun, imaginative, colorful books she enjoyed reading.

To find fun activities and keep up to date with Kim Ann,
please visit http://www.Kimann.co.

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