One Little Wish

What little one hasn’t wished to find a lost toy?
Simon has a bouncy red ball that he plays with everywhere, until the day he accidentally drops it into the stream and it floats away. Seeing a star that night he wishes for a new ball and the next morning that is just what he finds on his pillow.

This ball is special. The more it is played with, the more joy it brings, the bigger its magic grows it each night. Over the next year Simon’s Bouncy Town Ball has adventure after adventure, bringing joy to Simon’s friends and eventually bringing the whole town together. The tale ends in a way that will have little ones searching high and low and making their own wishes.

I cannot express enough how much fun this book is. It is the perfect story circle book. Young listeners will be be on the edges of their seats, mesmerized by the rhyming story, eagerly anticipating what happens next. The adventure is a bit reminiscent of James and the Giant Peach in its scope. Of course, it also would make the perfect bedtime story.

The small blocks of text will encourage emergent readers to read independently, and the length of the story is perfect for early readers ready to transition to longer/chapter books. The youngest not-yet-reading fans of this book will still enjoy exploring the story on their own as the colorful full page illustrations are filled with details and perspective capturing their eye. There is always something more to see on every page. I am very much looking forward to another collaboration between this author and illustrator

About The Book:
One Little Wish
(50-Page Storybook Sagas 1)

One small wish.
One ENORMOUS ball!

A star, a wish, an 8-year old boy, and magic. What could go wrong. . . or right?

After making a wish one starry night, Simon’s prized new toy mysteriously starts expanding.

Turns out that wish wording is very important!

Join Simon in this 50-page wondrous adventure as he tries to keep up with his ever-growing ball.  Where will the magic take him? Would the secret become too giant to keep?  How big would the ball get— could it be stopped?

About The Author:
Kelly Kas

A 6-foot beach ball was part of the inspiration for her debut book (One Little Wish), as well as having to kick a ‘too-big’ ball out of her house. When she’s not writing, author Kelly Kas enjoys exploring her Instant Pot, playing lava floor, and watching Hallmark movies. Being surrounded by males (husband, sons, dogs!) provides plenty of inspiration for her Storybook Sagas series. Longer stories equal a later bedtime for Kelly’s boys and provide some of her sweetest memories. They also serve as a bridge spanning the gap between picture books and early chapter books. Kelly hopes that reading her Storybook Sagas will give parents and their little ones loads of joyful times, reading together.

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