What’s Up, Little Pup?

What’s Up, Little Pup?: A Rhyming Tale about Imagination in the Stay-at-Home Era

Nimbus is an adorable puppy who loves her family and uses her imagination to pass the time until they return home to her from work and school. Then one day no one leaves the house anymore. Nimbus is confused, Mom is frazzled, and the kids are sad and bored. She uses her imagination to inspire her children to cheer up and to use their own imaginations to make it fun to stay at home.

I love that this is at once both timely and timeless. While it definitely addresses these uncertain times, its message will carry over to all kinds of situations. Kids need structure, but there is something to be said for the unstructured creativity of the mind’s eye. For little ones who are having trouble adjusting to sheltering in place, this story is a wonderful way to inspire them and to remind them that even though they may feel isolated, they are not alone.

Both the clever rhymes and the wonderful illustrations are reminiscent of classic children’s books like Curious George or Harry the Dirty Dog. Kids ages 3-7 will enjoy reading this on their own or with caregivers and, parents be warned, they will all want a Nimbus of their own. As of this posting this book is available for preview on KU.

About The Authors:

Mr. Marmion is a children’s book author. When he isn’t reading or writing, he enjoys observing the animals in his backyard and going for long walks with no particular destination in mind.

Sarah Chang is an entrepreneur by day and an illustrator by (late) night. From the smell of fresh bread to the clicks of a Fujifilm, she finds creative inspiration in a great number of places and is always searching for new ways to express her imagination. Visit her online at sarahlichang.com

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