How to Draw 25 Animals Step-by-Step

How to Draw 25 Animals Step-by-Step
Having a wannabe artist on hand and not being able to teach them how to draw can be a real pain. I have had great luck with step by step workbooks, so when this book became available on KU, I thought I would give it a try. The doodles are adorable and easy to follow. They can be a fun finished drawing or serve as a base for your artist to add their own personal flair. It is perfect for students of differing levels of abilities, so even beginners can end up with a fantastic piece to show off.


giraffe step by step

In addition to easy to follow instructions, the book includes a supply list and a handy shapes and lines guide as well as practice sheets, both in every lesson and at the end of the book to display favorite animals. It would make a wonderful addition to any classroom library or a fun gift or prize for a budding doodler.


About The Author:

Marta March

Marta March was born in Ukraine in a small town surrounded by green mountains. She always loved to draw, especially paper dolls and cute animals, so she earned a master’s degree in graphic design and became a graphic designer and photographer.

“I soon realized that I like to create for children more than for adults. For the last 12 years, I have taught at art school. Every time I look into the kids’ wide-open eyes, I want to do something that will make them even happier.”

Marta has also launched her personal art exhibitions in Portugal, Spain, and Ukraine.
At the moment she’s focused on creating books for children and teaching kids how to draw.

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