The Perfect Lullaby

The Perfect LullabyI remember, as a brand new mother, singing Rock a Bye Baby to my newborn and becoming horrified at the words I had never once paid attention to. Here I was singing about a baby falling from a tree. I thought about all the lullabies I knew and realized that most were filled with images that I was uncomfortable filling my child’s head with. These days I chalk it up to new parent jitters, after all, I had listened to and sung these songs all my life and hadn’t been scarred by them. Still, that memory is vivid and it made me appreciate this little book all the more.

Author Brittany Plumeri takes us on a journey through the most time tested lullabies to find just the perfect one to soothe a little one to sleep. She concludes, of course, that the security of a mother’s arms and surety of a mother’s love is actually the perfect lullaby.


The Perfect Lullaby Last Page

The artwork of Eva Rodriguez perfectly captures the essence of the message. With its sleepy purple theme and toddler-friendly images, this will be a book that little ones ask for time and again.

About The Author:

Brittany Plumeri
Brittany Plumeri has always had a passion for storytelling, it started in her days of “teaching” stuffed animals as a little girl. That led to her graduating from Kean University with a degree in Elementary Education. Currently, Brittany is a teacher, wife, and mother to an energetic two-year-old, Noah, who just so happens to spark her inspiration to make these stories come to life.

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