Rosco the Rascal’s Ghost Town Adventure

Rosco the Rascal’s Ghost Town Adventure
by Shana Gorian  (Author), Deidre Gorian  (Illustrator),

Josh Addessi (Illustrator)
Children’s / Chapter Book
ages 7-11
177 Pages

I remember my first trip to an old western ghost town. It was so neat. Every building looked like something out of one of those old western tv series that my mom watched. The cast never broke character for a moment, they really seemed to have stepped out of the old west. I was completely convinced that just had to be a ghost floating around somewhere.

In “Rosco the Rascal’s Ghost Town Adventure,” the McKendrick family are visiting an old ghost town and silver mine. Mandy is sure there really are ghosts and James is only willing to believe what he sees. Rosco is playing it by ear, he is up for a real adventure. Strolling through town, the kids find a mystery, a missing cat named Calico. Later on, they meet an orange tabby cat, who is not the missing cat, but obviously wants them to follow her into areas tourists don’t generally venture. The strange cat leads them into the mines off the tour path and into a set of mysteries that will make the kids’ vacation one to remember if they make it home.

I really enjoyed the sprinkling of old town myths and clues fitting into the story. Even as an adult I was taken in, eager to read on to have the mystery revealed. Rosco’s need to follow the rules, and still keep his impulsive young charges safe makes for a great character. I can imagine every kid immediately relating to him ( and wanting a dog like him).

As a chapter book, this story will encourage young readers to develop reading endurance. It is a cute and charming story where the kids and their dog will feel like friends inviting readers on an action-packed adventure. Adorable illustrations dot the pages keeping the story moving at a steady pace. Underlined words and phrases throughout the book are available in a glossary at the back of the book. For free reading or circle time, this book is a great choice. It is a great addition to any class shelf or home library for grades 3-6

Also in the back of the book, I appreciated the disclaimer pointing out that real life can be dangerous and despite the hijinx, James and Maddy get up to, kids should always follow the rules. Also, I like that glossary mentions that words can have more than one meaning and the meanings listed in the book, only pertain to the story.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Will a search-and-rescue mission for a lost cat spell trouble for Rosco and the kids? In Rosco the Rascal’s Ghost Town Adventure by @AuthorShana #kidsbooks #historyforkids

This sixth book in the popular, five-star Rosco the Rascal series will keep readers guessing until the end. All books in series are meant to be read in any order.Will a search-and-rescue mission for a lost cat spell trouble for Rosco and the kids? Inside the dark tunnels of an old silver mine, ghostly strangers and thunderous noises warn James and Mandy to get out—fast. But, as one mystery leads to another, the kids soon have more questions than answers. Will bravery and quick thinking be enough to rescue the missing cat and escape the eerie mine?Perfect for dog lovers and children ages 7-11.

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About the Author:

Shana Gorian is the author of the Rosco the Rascal series, chapter books for kids 6+ in which a sometimes rascally but always lovable German shepherd uses his steadfast heroic nature to help his pals find adventure and overcome obstacles.Shana is an avid lover of the great outdoors, spicy foods, dark chocolate, and spending an afternoon on a comfortable chair with a mug of hot cider and a good book. She is always working on more stories!Shana grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and currently lives in Southern California with her husband and two children.

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