The Fox and the Snowman

The Fox and The Snowman
Written by: Angela Muse
Illustrated by: Helen Wu
28 Pages
Ages 0-8



One should never judge a book by its cover, yet sometimes that cover is so enchanting the book must be procured. That is how I felt when I first saw the cover for Angela Muse’s The Fox and The Snowman. I did something I never ever do. I paid money for a book specifically to review it. The story is deceptively simple and told in rhyme. It tells the tale of a young male fox living in the forest from autumn through the seasons and back again. Along the way, he makes a snowy friend, finds a mate, and sends his children off into the world. This is a lovely storytime tale about growing up and change for kids as old as 8.

The Fox and The Snowman

What makes this book so special though is the illustrations. Each page is more amazing than the last. Watching my son’s reactions to the artwork was the best part. It was easy to guess that he assumed this little kid book that wasn’t going to hold his interest for very long. The artwork had him hanging on for each turn of the page, he wasn’t alone.


Parts of this articel were originally posted on I Read What You Write


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