The Day Punctuation Came to Town

About The Book:

The Day Punctuation Came to TownIt is hard enough to start school in a new town. It is super hard when you feel like you don’t fit in anywhere. This is the struggle young Comma has when his family, the Punctuations, move to Alphabet City and he and his siblings start in a new class full of letters. Each of his older siblings seems to fit right in, finding ways to enhance the words and sentences their new classmates love to make. Poor Comma just keeps getting in the way and tripping up the fun. It is up to Exclamation, Question Mark, and Period to show their youngest kin just how important he is for his classmates’ sentences to make sense.

The comma is often misused and misunderstood even for adults. This book is a  way to teach about comma use while also showing how kindness and perseverance can help ease new social situations. The book is filled with child-friendly art that is full of movement. Its bright vivid colors capture the enthusiasm of younger grade classrooms learning to read and write. It is a wonderful part of the “Language is Fun” series by author Kimberlee Gard and Illustrator Sandie Sonke.


About The Author:


Kimberlee Gard
Kimberlee Gard spent most of her childhood running from books instead of reading them. A learning disorder held her back until one loving teacher taught her the tools to overcome the disorder and showed her the magical world of books. From this came Kimberlee’s aspiration to write books for children that would bring about the same love of reading she once found.

Kimberlee was further inspired after watching her own son battle dyslexia and committed herself to work and create stories that would encourage and engage even the most struggling and reluctant reader. Kimberlee lives on a small farm in Colorado with her husband and four sons and a gaggling group of barnyard friends which offer constant inspiration for the stories she writes.

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