#CelebrateSpace – A Kite For Moon

A Kite For Moon By Jane Yolen and Heidi E.Y. Stemple
Art by Matt Phelan
Rec Ages 4-8
32 Pages

Book 2
A Kite for MoonIt is only fitting to start off a celebration of the lunar landing anniversary with an homage to Neil Armstrong. A Kite For The Moon is an imagining of Armstrong’s childhood and love for the moon that helped him reach great heights.

On an early morning, the moon is shining in the sky feeling a bit lonely and sorry for herself. A small boy wants to make her feel better and so he sends her a note flying high on his kite that he will come to visit someday. The moon watches over the boy as he grows and learns until one day he takes off in a rocket ship to fulfill his promise.

A Kite for Moon page
The artwork is lovely, muted earth tones full of movement and expression capturing the growing relationship between the boy and the moon beautifully.

This book is a wonderful way to jump-start a conversation about the lunar landing, the moon, or just working to achieve a goal.

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