How Many Dr. Seuss Books Can You Read?

I began collecting Dr. Seuss books before my potential children were conceived. I grew up reading them, they are central to some of my favorite mommy memories. Of course, I wanted to share that with my own kids.

For many years I lulled my child to sleep with The Sleep Book. Green Eggs and Ham, a multi-generational favorite, is a full contact read that still sends my kid in fits of giggles (he is 15 now). It is also notable as the first book my dyslexic child was able to read for himself, opening doors to the confidence he needed to climb to grade level reading. The antics of the Cat in The Hat has always been a source of irrepressible mirth and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue convinced my preschooler that he wanted to know every color there is. Though my kid is a teen now  I am still working on completing the collection. I do plan on having grandkids some day.


This summer, once again, Random House Kids is challenging readers of all ages and levels to help them collect 250,000,000 words read. This is a terrific way to slow the summer learning slide.

DS WorksheetsAt, in addition to logging the books you and your children read in the handy Word Counter Upper, you get a fun Seussical name (I am Wocket-Wumbus-88), there is a weekly book selection, a calendar of events at book stores near you, and a page of fun printable tie in activities.

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This week’s spotlight book is Oh, The Places You’ll Go.

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

This book, being a humorous take on life, is a wonderful gift for high school and college grads. It also makes a fantastic perpetual yearbook for Pre K and Kindergartners to take through the years of school to their own graduations, collecting signatures and advice from beloved teachers and school staff along the way. More than that, it is just a fun book to read.


Remember- The books you read to your pre-readers totally count. Reading out loud to your kids sets the stage for your kids becoming strong readers in the future and will be memories they carry with them for a lifetime.


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