Stay Ahead Of Summer Learning Loss


My son’s third-grade teacher reached out and requested her students compile a summer activity journal to share on the first day of class in the upcoming school year. My son, always up to a challenge had big plans to fill his journal with the “Best stuff ever, nothing boring!” and that is where it stalled. What stuff could he do? I was faced with the task of keeping an active seven-year-old busy over the next 14 weeks and to not lose my sanity in the process. Pinterest, a goto resource for many of us these days, was in its infancy then and I needed more help than it could give me. A recommendation from a fellow mom on a parenting site led me to

** Cue singing angels!**

With a quick perusal of the site, I found a trove of projects that would keep my munchkin busy. We made rockets out of balloons and then exploded them, built an underwater viewer, discovered the magic in a bar of soap, and made S’mores with the power of the sun.



That is just to name a few of the dozens of projects we worked on over that summer. As much fun as the finished product was, learning the reasons why each project worked the way it did, was just as fascinating to my youngster.

With the start of the school year, our major concerns became about school work. It was obvious he wasn’t reading and writing up to grade level. Once again it was to the rescue. The website was filled with worksheets and hands-on activities that didn’t just teach but were also entertaining. I am not sorry to admit that my kid enjoyed his supplementary work far more than school. Over the years it has been a major resource for us to draw on, most recently as a supplement to my son’s Spanish I class.

My son has grown up a bit since our summers of fun, but then so has They now have full lesson plans and online games. The learning projects that we so loved in our summer explorations have been updated and offer extended learning opportunities, also new subjects have been added. Those great worksheets are still the mainstay of enrichment education and with so many options…


Under The Sea Multiplication· Maze
· Word search
· Word search with images
· Crossword puzzle
· Word scramble
· Addition
· Subtraction
· Division
· Multiplication
· Spelling Test
· Matching words to images
· Word Tracer

…they are a terrific way to fight off the summer learning slump that is just around the corner for most of our kids. There is even a worksheet generator for parents to use in making their own lessons. I was recently asked if I would be open to sharing some of these worksheets on this blog and of course, I am excited to. I have seen first hand how taking charge of my child’s learning experience is beneficial and I would love to pass on to others what has worked so well for my family.

Here is an example of one my favorite activities for word recognition and spelling. Follow the link and you will find workshheets, reading logs and other activities.

Kids will love diving deep into clues about the ocean as they try to solve this crossword puzzle. Crossword puzzles are great for reinforcing spelling, word recognition, vocabulary and mastering context clues. Ride the wave to for an ocean full of language arts activities.

Under The Sea Crossword PuzzleUnder The Sea Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

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