A sprinkle of this, a pinch of that, and poof! It’s reading — magic!

Catch this lovely post via noracolvin.com about the ways parents can encourage their little ones to grow up to be readers.

Norah Colvin

ArtbyJonz ©Norah Colvin 2015

My children were early readers. Both began reading real books well before their fourth birthdays. Of course, the timing, whether early or late, matters little now that they are adults. What matters is that they are readers who read competently and confidently for a range of purposes including for information and pleasure. They are readers by choice as well as purpose.

The ability to read is something that most of us take for granted. Many have no recollection of learning to read, only of being able to do so all of a sudden, as if we just could, by magic.

But, as with any spell, there are certain essential ingredients that make the magic happen and others that inhibit the process. Creating readers of choice and not just purpose is the real magic. Creating non-readers is the effect of a spell in reverse, of a bad…

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Shellel. You and I share a love of reading, especially of children’s books. I’d love to know more about how you homeschool your autistic son and whether you have any other children (you mention a future empty nest syndrome). I home educated my daughter until she was nine.


    • You are welcome. The post reminded me of my own when he was little and he would read to his lovies. At the time though I had no idea how hard actually reading would be for him. He is my only and he is fifteen. The poor kid has spent so much time in OT therapies and being pulled for social skills classes and other counseling that his academics has incredible gaps. When he couldn’t handle a single high school class without incredible anxiety, his dad and I decided to pull him and teach him ourselves. We are grateful for the so many wonderful resources available today that allows us to customize his education so he can stay on grade level in some subjects and do remedial work where he needs it. I have no doubt that he will achieve his goal of moving 800 miles away from me to attend university. He looking to major in comic book art and children’s illustration.

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      • Wow! Your boy must be a talented illustrator. How wonderful, and what a great ambition. I wish him success.
        He is very fortunate to have such wonderful parents to take responsibility for his education. It sounds like he is right on target for fulfilling his dreams.
        Best wishes to all, and thank you so much for sharing.


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