Where The Wild Things Are

Saturdays are a great day to explore the library to find what is new
and and to rediscover what should be read again and again.


Where The Wild Things Are (50th edition)
Written by Maurice Sendak
Rec Ages 3-9

Where The WIld Things AreI would be hard pressed to find a more iconic children’s storybook. Ironically, despite the fact that I have been exposed to it in libraries and classrooms from elementary school through college, I was an adult the first time I read it. The story is, of course, adorable. It is one I identify with more as a parent than a child though. I see my little monster (well, not so little anymore) in its pages. The story of a young boy being rambunctious who is sent to his room only to imagine a world where he can sail away to find new friends and be as wild as he likes is so endemic to childhood. It was, however, the artwork that made this book for me and the fiftieth edition of this book with its lovely remastered art is simply mind-blowing. It makes me wish I could be a child again just so I could stare at the drawings for the first time with that wonder of innocence and pick out the delightfully intricate details of the beautiful creatures that inhabit the world of this book. There are many modern picture books that I believe are destined to be classics, however, Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are has aged gracefully and would not be out of place sharing a shelf with any of them, in any child’s library.



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