The Award Winning World of Sir Princess Petra by Diane Mae Robinson

There are some children’s book series that deserve to be shared again and again. Sir Princess Petra and her world of books is one of them. It is full of delightful characters and fun life lessons that will never go out of style.

3 star

Sir Princess Petra (The Pen Pieyu Adventures #1)

Petra is a nine-year-old princess who has decided that trappings of princess-hood have become boring and she needs to be challenged a bit. For her birthday, given the choice of anything her heart desires, she chooses to become a royal knight much to the distress of her royal parents. A realm full of royal soldiers have been trying and failing to accomplish one of the official royal deeds that will grant them knighthood. Hoping to avoid eating onions, as most nine-year-old kids probably would, undaunted Petra chooses the task of hushing the howling dragon, Snarls.


What follows are fun adventures that will inspire the imaginations of young readers. In addition to attempting a knighthood deed, she also sets out to secure a royal steed (the only criteria being a steed with four legs), confronts a bully, finds herself faced with having to stop a puny war and along the way she discovers that things aren’t always what they seem to be no matter what the legends or rumors may say.

Lessons of friendship and belief in one’s self are throughout the story and Petra learns that communication is the key to resolving differences. Princess Petra is a role model for kids who don’t quite follow the norm. She is confident in who she is and what she wants. She finds a way to achieve it while being respectful to those who might disapprove.

Sir Princess Petra’s Talent (The Pen Pieyu Adventures #2)

Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is book two in the Pen Pieyu Adventures and is about a nine-year-old princess who has worked to become a knight of her kingdom despite the fact that her more conservative parents would rather her be a “proper” princess. In this story, the King has written a rule that in order to keep her knighthood she must journey to Talent School and get a certificate in a proper princess talent.


She and her royal steed, the dragon Snarls, set off for Talent School and along the way meet Prince Duce Crablips who has made it his mission to stop her from reaching Talent School. When it is discovered that it is all misunderstanding, fun adventures ensue with the trio going to Talent school and then adventuring their way home again meeting new friends, taking on new challenges and finding out new secrets.

It is simply a delightful read. For starters, the artwork on and in the book is simply gorgeous. The story illustrations are pencil sketches with remarkable detail.  Petra and her friends come alive through the artwork.

Smiles abound in this infectious tale where the food of choice for most of the characters seems to be onions as a hand fruit, cooked in many different ways or simply juiced into a cocktail. The names in this series are also quite wonderful. Places like the bogs of Mesoggie and The Kingdom of Lost Donkeys, where the donkeys do indeed seem to have disappeared and names Like Seymour Forest the ganute who does actually live in the vast forest and Letgo the crocodile. I also enjoyed the themes of friendship, teamwork and belief in oneself that runs throughout the story.

The book opens with a quick synopsis of book 1 which is fabulous, I think it is a wonderful tool for young readers whose comprehension skills are as yet undeveloped to help them back into a world they may read about some time ago.



Sir Princess Petra’s Mission (The Pen Pieyu Adventures #3)

Sir Princess Petra has been given a mission. According to a new rule her father, the King, has written, she must make a journey to far away land and capture the fabled Car-Panther and bring one back to the kingdom in two days. Should she fail, her knighthood and that of her fellow knight Sir Bograt Bog Witch will be forfeit.


Hilariousness ensues as Petra and Snarls journey through the lands of Mesoggie and to the mysterious Kingdom of Boogy Gobees in search of a creature that is rumored to eat dragons and can make the entire Puny Army pale in fear. Once again Petra and her friends find themselves on the funny side of misunderstandings, realizing that one can’t simply jump to conclusions with facts because the truth of something can be quite different than the rumor. We meet more friends, including carpenters that don’t build with wood. Petra will have to make the decision to complete her mission or do the honorable thing. I do wish Petra would stop being so understanding about the interruptions to her missions, just once frilly dresses would be a suitable punishment.

Once again this a terrifically written story with lots of witty dialogue and fun characters. I am certain that kids and their parents will enjoy this book. It is nice to see a princess that can be a role model to all kids.


about the author

Author_DianeDiane lives in a small hilltop castle nestled among an old and magical forest in central Alberta. This mystical forest is where she finds inspiration to write her fantasy/adventure books for children. The author’s series, The Pen Pieyu Adventures, has won seven international awards and one prestigious provincial award.  Diane is also an art teacher and writing instructor. Her next venture is a grammar book for kids.

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