10 Ways to Instill the Love of Reading in Your Child

Summer-Winter2006203Another relog today. Not only do I love and heartily recommend Shana Gorian’s Rosco the Rascal book series, but I loved the information her guest blogger shared.

My earliest and best memories are reading with my mother and I firmly believe that set the tone for reading in my entire life. When my son was little, a trip to the library or bookstore was the highlight of his week. Books were his favorite toys and he always had them nearby. One of my most cherished memories of him was as a toddler reading to his stuffed animals. He was making good use of the tips on this list, which I hope means that I did as well.

My favorite tip is about audio books. Both my brother and my son were severely dyslexic and it was well into their elementary years with a lot of hard work and OT, before they were able to read at grade level. Still, both enjoyed getting lost in a good story and audio books were a fantastic way to practice reading skills they didn’t quite have.

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