Snowman Amuck by Cindy Samul

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Snowman Amuck

Jack learns that it isn’t a good idea to tease a snowman. No one believes Jack when a snowman sneaks into his house and locks him out. Why would a snowman want to come inside where there are chores and homework anyway? Jack has to find a way to convince the snowman to leave and clean up after his wild run through the house, before Jack’s parents get home, all the while keep from getting locked outside again. Of course, It could all be a just a dream.

This is a fun graphic novel style picture book, with fantastic illustrations, for kids ages 6-12. It is a great story for young readers who enjoy suspense and humor. Jack and Ally are the quintessential siblings and completely relatable to kids this age. They will also enjoy Jack’s problem-solving skills in action. This story will make for a fun bedtime adventure or be perfect for classroom story time. It will be read again and again.

You can visit for fun activities related to the book and a chance to interact with author and illustrator, Cindy Samul

Ages 6-12
Grades K-6
Pages 48


about the author

CIndy Samul

Cindy Samul is an illustrator with a life-long love of books, cartoons, and gummy bears. She is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design and currently lives in Connecticut with her tortoiseshell cat and Irish husband.

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