Stories That Rhyme by Lily Lexington

She hasn’t put out anything new in a while but with more than two dozen books published, Lily Lexington has produced a children’s library that is both fun and inexpensive. Her books are also available for both Kindle and Nook e-readers and apps. Kids will have a great time sharing these beautifully illustrated and fun to read stories with caregivers. Most are also available on Kindle Unlimited or free on epub sites. Here are a few the fun books from this author.


Book Information

The Tale of the Clownfish and the Great Shark (Fun Rhyming Children's Books)The Tale of the Clownfish and the Great Shark

Pages 24 / Ages 3-5 / Grades P-1

Jasper is a clown fish who will do anything for fun, even take the dare of stealing a shark tooth right from its own mouth. When Jasper gets in over his head, help comes from an unexpected place. The book’s artwork captures the fun of the story, told in rhyme, as well as the color of a coral reef. Along the way, Jasper and little ones will learn a thing or two about ocean creatures and a life lesson or two. This will a perfect anytime story for little ones and early readers.


Princes and Princesses (The Magic Feather)Princes and Princesses (The Magic Feather)

Pages 31 / Ages 3-7 / Grades P-1

In a Magic Tree House meets Dragon Tales kind of way, Sally and Sam are off on another adventure with their magic feather. Sadly, Sally has accidentally wished that Sam is not her brother and has been transported to a magic kingdom where he is the king and an only child. She must make her way through the kingdom solving riddles to find a way to get him back. She meets good friends along the way and teaches them, along with the reader, the importance of sharing. As always lovely, energetic artwork keeps the story moving and fun witty prose will keep kids aged preschool and up fully engaged, though the riddles will most likely be beyond the youngest kids to get on their own.




about the author

Lily LexingtonLily Lexington, the best selling kid’s author sold over 100,000 copies of her kid’s books in her first 18 months on Amazon.

As a girl, Lily often turned to her imagination for fun escaping into a magical world of excitement and adventure.

These days she is a quirky mother of three that is often seen walking around the house singing rhymes to herself.

She loves her 3 children tremendously and her stories were inspired by them.

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