Did Dinosaurs Have Boogers? by Dr. Ben Wags

Did Dinosaurs Have Boogers? by Dr. Ben Wags
Rec Ages 4-8
17 Pages


Did Dinosaurs Have BoogersOne of the joys of motherhood is to see your child develop a passion and pursue it full throttle. For a lot of kids, one of their first passions is dinosaurs. Between the ages of three and twelve my son would soak up every documentary, Netflix could offer and every book the library had available. His introduction to computer browsers and search engines was fueled by a need to know every detail about every dinosaur he could find and his budding art skills were often honed on drawings of these eclectic giant lizards. I was always on the lookout for another great book that was fun to read and offered great facts. I recently found such a book, “Did Dinosaurs have Boogers?” Admit it, we all want to know the answer.

This is an adorable introduction to the world of dinosaurs. It follows a young dino enthusiast during a classroom discussion on the basics about dinosaurs. He and his classmates have some fantastic questions that have their teacher scrambling for answers. These are the kind of questions kids want to know but may be too shy to ask. The rhyming prose will keep young readers engaged and the colorful illustrations will fire their enthusiasm for paleontology. This book of dinosaur facts is perfect for engaging early grades.


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